10 Books Every Marketer Should Read in 2016
Posted at 03th of Mar, 15:30

Today is World Book Day, in celebration of all that is readable, analog or, as is increasingly common, digital. An interesting study was conducted several years ago in which a group of economists studied data on what factors in childhood lead to greater success for the subjects when they reached adulthood. To the surprise of many, it wasn’t how rich their parents were, the colour of their skin, whether the parents stayed married or divorced, the quality of the neighborhood they grew up in, or even the schools they attended.


The data pointed the researchers to an interesting correlation: the most successful people in the study, of all backgrounds, shared a single commonality while growing up that the comparison group of less successful subjects did not: they had a greater number of and ease of access to books at home than other households.


We are in the business of bringing our clients success, so we value how important reading is for us to stay informed and at the front of the pack of marketing agencies. To celebrate the power of written work, we have compiled a Top Ten list of our favorite recently written books on marketing, public relations, and communication techniques. Take today’s opportunity on World Book Day to choose a new book to add to your reading list:


1 The New Rules of Marketing & PR - David Meerman Scott

2 Everybody Writes - Ann Handley

3 Audience - Jeff Rohrs

4 Optimize - Lee Odden

5 Ignore Everybody - Hugh MacLeod

6 Global Content Marketing - Pam Didner

7 Made to Stick - Chip & Dan Heath

8 The Big Data Driven Business - Sean Callahan

9 Contagious - Jonah Berger

10 Permission Marketing - Seth Godin

The above list of titles are applicable for both traditional and digital marketing methods, and both are needed in today’s business marketing landscape. Celebrate #WorldBookDay with us by constantly adding to your bookshelves. Our shared success depends on it!

Anthony Katz

Anthony Katz is a Canadian entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert. He has co-founded multiple startups and worked with Fortune 100 brands and artists to create innovative marketing campaigns and digital reputation. He has over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry and is a Google certified partner since 2010.

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