5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Posted at 04th of Dec, 01:28

If you’re reading this, then you’ve most likely heard that content marketing is crucial to a company’s online presence. Moreover, you may be wondering how to produce content that will give your business the boost it needs.


Let’s be upfront with the bad news: there is no magic formula for creating effective content. Every business is unique and has an audience with specific needs.


The good news is that by avoiding a few common mistakes, you can be sure that your content is on the right track.


Content Marketing—what is it anyway?

Real quick, let’s have a review.


Content marketing means using free, valuable content (blog, media posts etc.) to attract prospective clients to your brand, eventually converting them into customers.


On the one hand content should educate (about your product, company, and sphere) but also appreciate (your product, sphere, and customer).


So, what are the major don’ts of content marketing?


Content Without Strategy

Remember that content is geared towards fulfilling certain business goals. To implement a successful content marketing campaign and see results, you have to be consistent, focused and methodical.


Before releasing anything make sure you have a clear content strategy that includes:

  • Type of content you’re going to create
  • How often you will publish and on what platforms
  • Specific ways in which you will measure the success of your content


Egotistical Content

Obviously you’re trying to win people over to your brand, but there’s no need to rub it in. Content should never feel like a sales pitch. Make sure what you create is geared towards your audience. The whole idea is to get your customers to trust your brand, so the more genuine your content, the more effective it will be.


Too Much Text (a.k.a. boring content)

The average person these days has the attention span of a two-year-old. Don’t make the mistake of boring your reader. Keep it short, keep it snappy, and be creative with your media. No one has the patience for excessive paragraphs, no matter how well-researched they may be.


Misidentifying Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key. Once you’ve found your following, cater your content to their tastes and don’t worry about anyone else. No piece of content will appeal to everybody and, at the end of the day, it’s about turning your followers into customers.


Not Taking It Seriously

This may seem like a no brainer, but don’t be fooled—content takes serious effort. You can’t produce fluff pieces once a month and expect them to work magic. It’s important to be consistent with your posts and dedicate significant time to strategizing and developing your ideas.








Anthony Katz

Anthony Katz is a Canadian entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert. He has co-founded multiple startups and worked with Fortune 100 brands and artists to create innovative marketing campaigns and digital reputation. He has over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry and is a Google certified partner since 2010.

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