The Bathrobe Crusader Conquers Europe
Posted at 19th of Jun, 23:14

You know you’re traveling wrong, when you see a university student marching the top tourist destinations of Europe in a bathrobe. And why didn’t YOU think of that?


After all, traveling is pretty difficult. You have to pack, unpack, and make sure you don’t forget anything. Instead, you can just take your most favorite and comfortable piece of clothing, like your bathrobe, and set out to see the world. They say the world is our home. Then let’s treat it like that. 


Mr. Bathrobe Crusader, as he calls himself, has lately received the highest scores of popularity. His photos of the navy bathrobe strolling in palaces and top rated museums have conquered the social buzz on Instagram and earned him more than 4,000 followers. This number increases day by day, so does the number of his photos. The viral student currently has 27 photos. If you’re a curator in a world-famous European museum, beware, the Bathrobe Crusader might be entering through your doors right now to get the 28th!


The Bathrobe Crusader claims to be a Southern California University student, who’s aiming at “changing the world before he changes his clothes.” The world-changing task includes living in the Versailles and Buckingham Palace like royalty, saying “Hi” with Mona Lisa, climbing the Swiss Alps, and so on.


It’s worth mentioning that the Instagram star is not actually walking around naked, wearing nothing more than the bathrobe. It’s natural that he would never pass security in the institutions he has visited so far, not to mention getting on a plane or train.


Besides, one of his photos shows a full outfit beneath the robe. So, before you set out to do something similar, don’t forget to be a bit practical.


It’s a fun idea, and it will continue to be viral for a few days, at least. The experiment proves that the celebrity camp is losing its exclusivity, as more and more viral projects kick off every month. The Bathrobe Crusader, for example, already has fans in countries he has never visited.


You, too, can be the viral topic of the day. So, if you have any ideas, come share them with us! We’ll help you find your own Bathrobe project.

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