Facebook Creates a New Way to Push Video Content
Posted at 09th of Jul, 04:41

The social media platform is testing new "related videos" feature that presents popular videos similar to the video you finished watching on your mobile News Feed. A spokesperson from Facebook told Mashable, "This is a new feature we are testing on mobile to help people find more videos they might be interested in."


What’s new?


The idea is very similar to what YouTube does when you finish a video. Once you are finished watching a video on your News Feed, Facebook will offer the option to re-watch it or select a different, but related, video from a pool of videos selected by Facebook. As of now, according to TechCrunch, the feature is only available to a few select group of test users who are on iOS and Android devices.


Video Viewers


Facebook has been particularly focused on video this summer. This can be seen in the fact that last month Facebook changed its News Feed algorithm to highlight higher-quality videos. It determines the quality of a video not by noting the number of likes or if a user commented on a post, but rather by analyzing how long users actually viewed each video. Thus, Facebook identifies which users like videos and providing them with more videos to watch. These developments come after an announcement from the social media platform that users who viewed videos regularly on Facebook would see more videos on their News Feed.


Why Video?


These developments represents the first steps Facebook is taking to implement in-feed video advertisements. These Premium Video Ads will last 15-minutes and will be featuring a select group of unnamed advertisers. The ads will auto-play but will be soundless unless you click for the sound.


Finding the users that like video content will help the social media network find the portion of the users that will be most receptive to video ads. Similarly, it will allow Facebook to keep videos away from users who do not like seeing video content. This new recommended-video feature may give Facebook the chance to apply sponsored video content. That is once you finish watching a video a friend uploaded, Facebook could recommend that you either watch a video sponsored by an advertiser or brand.


These new developments will clearly change the way companies can advertise on Facebook and how user interact and impact their News Feed content.

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