Facebook Does not Reveal all of Your Content to your Customers
Posted at 10th of Jun, 04:49

If you are a company with a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy you probably rely on social media to disseminate content. You also possibly rely heavily on Facebook to disseminate said information. However, there is a growing concern amongst companies that utilize Facebook as a platform since Facebook does not publish all the content you generate. What should you do if Facebook is making it difficult for your natural content to reach your customer and follower base? Here are a few ways to understand what Facebook is doing and how to deal with it.


Facebook follows a particular filtering process that is based on various elements. They take into consideration the how interested your audience is in the posts you publish. Similarly, Facebook consider how popular your posts are to other users, that is if your posts are being shared, liked, etc. Next, they consider if your reputation--that is you the creator of content-- has always been successful or if you have had interesting posts in the past. Facebook then looks at the types of posts you publish and which ones your reader base prefers. Lastly, they take into consideration how relevant your posts are. All these elements are part of the equation facebook uses to disseminate through the posts they will make visible to its users and those they will withhold.


Since Facebook is not obligated to show all the material your company puts out, it is more concerned about keeping its user base happy. That is, it does not want to bombard its users with your company’s content. Thus, how should you navigate this filter while still reaching your customers? Essentially making material that is popular and innovative will trump the quantity you publish. Although you should aim to keep material constant, it will be the quality of your posts that will make Facebook more likely to post them to its users. For example, a video marketing strategy that is emotionally and visually captivating will possibly garner more likes than 30 articles written and published in a week. Thus, let the quality of your content speak for itself and carry the weight of several posts.


Similarly, you can enhance your visibility on Facebook by purchasing better slots. That is, you can boost your exposure by paying for specific audience parameters. Since Facebook has an extensive pool of data about its users, by paying you can get access to their data mining and utilize it to promote your posts and craft posts with a particular audience in mind. Ultimately, you have to be smart about the content you create and post in order to gain exposure on Facebook.

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