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For those who read the announcement by Google on Search Engine Land, and for those who saw their rankings on Google and then realized that there was a Google Update, we know that your heart skipped a beat or two, but what you need to know is that you were not alone.


With the constantly changing Google algorithms and the growing number of websites on the internet, SEO has become more important than ever. While content is still the most important component of blogging and marketing, as a good text can lead to positive user experiences and rising sales, the infamous Google robots searching through the web look for much more when raking your website. Without the right SEO strategy, even an extremely useful result or a high quality product can be overlooked by Google and, by extension, potential customers.


Cycling has become quite the subject in many advertising campaign lately. Just take a look at the many ads which were entered in the Cannes Lions festival. Also, there was the recent Life Paint Campaign by Volvo. In a word, as the world tries to recover from a well-established lazy and rather unhealthy lifestyle, cycling has quickly become the new black.

Google, the mighty search engine, who sees all, and knows all. The fortified system of algorithms is as precise as good clockwork. However, it remains so by constantly making improvements before problems even arise. In fact, the latest upgrade happen so quickly we didn’t even witness ol’ clocksmith work his magic, hence the name “Phantom”.

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Today, on April 21, Google released a new algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages. The rockstar search engine is certainly bringing new meaning to the term “spring cleaning” for any and all who have an URL address on the world wide web. For this occasion, iNexxus digital marketing agency has put together a comprehensive overview on what #Mobilegeddon will and will not affect, as well as how iNexxus can mitigate the effects of #Mobilegeddon for your company, while enhancing your mobile online presence.
Defining #Mobilegeddon

In this series of Advertising, Adobe promotes the Adobe Marketing Cloud 

Buying Clicks? Adobe advertising shows the “Mean Streets” of Buying Likes.  In this bit called WIFE – the “Mean Streets” goes into the wife crying and saying ” You were buying clicks – What will I tell the children? ”

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In a world where information is easily accessible, being able to encrypt messages can now be accomplished more easily.

Turns out we're all just lab rats for Facebook. The things you should know about the social network's experiments and studies. 

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How will the new EU ruling allowing people to request information be removed from Google affect Internet searches?

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