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As we’ve all become extremely aware of televised marketing in this day and age, it has not only become ubiquitous, but can be at certain times, astronomically expensive. One of the most expensive spots to be aired on television is during the Super Bowl. It’s actually become almost sensational news, brands and companies are paying in the millions for but a simple 30 second ad. Is it worth it? Statistics deem it so. On average, football is a way of life for many people, in the States and around the world. Being the most looked forward to Football event of the year, the Super Bowl is reported to get somewhere between 110 to 115 million viewers. Out of those viewers, many fans will be so enthralled with the idea of not missing a single minute that they won’t budge from their seats for the entire duration of the viewing. From a marketing perspective, you couldn’t ask for a better audience to advertise with. When the numbers became viral people were shocked to see the price tag attached to the commercials. Ever since (the year) 2000, where the price was reported to have been 2.2 million dollars for a 30 second commercial (that’s $73,333 per minute!), the prices have risen and even almost doubled.


A billboard suddenly appears in Times Square, bringing with it a possible hint and speculation that season six is ought to be all about Jon Snow. Game Of Thrones marketing lessons... 

American Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and businesses are joining the frenzy of coming up with new and creative ways to advertise, or interesting holiday-themed sales and offers that can set them apart. Before beginning your holiday campaign planning, here are some points to consider: 


That company is National Geographic. They were ranked No. 1 for the best engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the third quarter. Runner-ups included the NFL, WWE, NBA, and MTV. How does a company like National Geographic achieve this type of social following? While its household name of course contributes to the success, here are a few other reasons all companies can learn from:


For businesses and brands, holiday campaigns prove to be one of the most effective strategies to derive sale boosts, reputation enhancement, and customer engagement and loyalty, time after time. So on this Thanksgiving Day, let’s take a look at the brands that have seized the moment and have gone above and beyond to deliver exceptionally effective campaigns.

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Another Google update is coming out on November 1st. While this may be considered somewhat of a minor update, it will surely leave many brands, users, and especially small businesses dependent on local SEO only frustrated.

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For those who read the announcement by Google on Search Engine Land, and for those who saw their rankings on Google and then realized that there was a Google Update, we know that your heart skipped a beat or two, but what you need to know is that you were not alone.


What’s all the talk online about Facebook getting a “dislike” button? Really? How can the geniuses behind Facebook think that adding another ploy for Internet bullying is a good idea?

With the constantly changing Google algorithms and the growing number of websites on the internet, SEO has become more important than ever. While content is still the most important component of blogging and marketing, as a good text can lead to positive user experiences and rising sales, the infamous Google robots searching through the web look for much more when raking your website. Without the right SEO strategy, even an extremely useful result or a high quality product can be overlooked by Google and, by extension, potential customers.


In recent years, marketers have shifted their attention to social media sites, and for a good reason. With the ever-growing activities, technological innovations, and the number of growing users, social media platforms are proving fruitful for brands. In the course of the past few years, social media sites have increased their user-friendliness, and have driven marketing to a whole new level. Moreover, programmers and advertisers are quickly developing new tools to ease the selection and purchasing process for customers, while inventing new and creative streams for advertising and capitalization. 
To keep up with the trends here are certain factors to bear in mind while planning your 2016 marketing strategy.

As time passes, and as more and more campaigns become successful through the use of social media and hashtags, more and more companies decide to market and promote products through what only a few years ago was deemed impossible.

An Austrian men’s magazine, Vangardist, has printed their latest magazine using the blood of people who are HIV positive. This creative marketing scheme is bringing much needed attention to the widespread stigma attached to the virus that can lead to AIDs. The campaign aims at destroying the irrational, mislead notion behind HIV and how it is transmitted, and most importantly, it is proving effective.

Google, the mighty search engine, who sees all, and knows all. The fortified system of algorithms is as precise as good clockwork. However, it remains so by constantly making improvements before problems even arise. In fact, the latest upgrade happen so quickly we didn’t even witness ol’ clocksmith work his magic, hence the name “Phantom”.

The debate over whether social media impacts SEO has produced various answers and no clear consensus, mostly because the focus is on the technicalities and not on results. With this article, I will attempt to alleviate the agitation and provide simple and concise examples of how social media can impact SEO by examining iNexxus' proven strategy.


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If you plan to use the preservation and protection of human life as the foundation of just any ol’ ad campaign, ye be warned! Every one of us draws breath. Therefore, we all have a responsibility to uphold the integrity of our own existence. This applies to marketers especially, who have the power to influence large audiences with their content.

Marketers have anxiously observed as Coca Cola sales have continued to drop for nearly a decade now. To accommodate for changing tastes in the market, the hegemonic soda company has hinted at promoting its bottled water products more than its iconic soft drinksa shift that will probably become more noticeable in the coming four to five years. While Coca Cola is altering its marketing strategy, its recent Share a Coke campaign shows that the company is nonetheless fighting to re-energize its line of classic beverages.

Yesterday Facebook released a soppy “Thank You” message targeted to the more than two million businesses that are now advertising on the social network. Candid shots of bakers, skaters and other professionals, accompanied by heart-felt, scripted thank yous from Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, make up the principal part of the video. While we’re not all that impressed by the blatant pandering of the tech company, we are certainly intrigued by the significance of Facebook’s message.

When it comes to branding, slogans are everything. Moreover, a well-crafted slogan must describe a company’s motto and mission all in one brief phrase or sentence. It’s not the easiest thing to come up with a brilliant tagline that will not only captivate, but actually imprint itself onto the collective conscience or, in other words, catch on. If you’re looking to write a juicy catchphrase, take a look at this list of our top 8 favorite company slogans for inspiration. 


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It is no surprise that many of our emails today are sent, received, and read on mobile devices. Checking email on the go is convenient, but reading excessively long emails on a smartphone is neither desirable nor easy. To ensure your emails are effective on all devices, take a look at these five tips for keeping your messages short, snappy and mobile-friendly.

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Writer's block is a myth. Not the nice kind of myth, like Sasquatch or the unicorn--kind of endearing, and something that you wouldn’t mind running into one day. No, writer’s block is a nasty myth. The kind that, were it real, would have most content writers out of a job in no time. A content writer myself, I can tell you that I know the feeling well--well enough to show you how to overcome it.

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