For many companies that want a change in their company, rebranding can seem necessary, but of course may appear a little intimidating. Many businesses therefore believe it is better to be safe rather than creative, and may stifle any new ideas that would require a change from the ordinary.

A billboard suddenly appears in Times Square, bringing with it a possible hint and speculation that season six is ought to be all about Jon Snow. Game Of Thrones marketing lessons... 

As you might have already heard, your profile picture can soon become a profile video. With live video streaming services for celebrities and journalists, video autoplay rolling on newsfeeds, and now, profile videos, Facebook is becoming live with action and movement.

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Another Google update is coming out on November 1st. While this may be considered somewhat of a minor update, it will surely leave many brands, users, and especially small businesses dependent on local SEO only frustrated.

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For those who read the announcement by Google on Search Engine Land, and for those who saw their rankings on Google and then realized that there was a Google Update, we know that your heart skipped a beat or two, but what you need to know is that you were not alone.


What’s all the talk online about Facebook getting a “dislike” button? Really? How can the geniuses behind Facebook think that adding another ploy for Internet bullying is a good idea?

Many were shocked to find out the news that Google, the most popular search engine in the world, has decided to undergo a large-scale rebranding effort, which includes updating its world-renowned, iconic logo.


As time passes, and as more and more campaigns become successful through the use of social media and hashtags, more and more companies decide to market and promote products through what only a few years ago was deemed impossible.

To paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare “Friends, Romans, countrymen, SEO specialists, lend me your ears...” Yes, fellow search engine optimizing Thespians of the digital marketing world, you’d better hold on to your keywords for this one! For those who are still in the dark about the events which are about to transpire on Google, iNexxus is here to provide insight and further enlightenment.

Google, the mighty search engine, who sees all, and knows all. The fortified system of algorithms is as precise as good clockwork. However, it remains so by constantly making improvements before problems even arise. In fact, the latest upgrade happen so quickly we didn’t even witness ol’ clocksmith work his magic, hence the name “Phantom”.

The debate over whether social media impacts SEO has produced various answers and no clear consensus, mostly because the focus is on the technicalities and not on results. With this article, I will attempt to alleviate the agitation and provide simple and concise examples of how social media can impact SEO by examining iNexxus' proven strategy.


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April 1st marked the launch of the #AG Campaign—a global grassroots effort to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide. Recently the movement gained even more momentum with the support of iNexxus.

If you want to establish an effective online presence for your business in 2015, you need to know a few things about search engine optimization (SEO). The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” has never been so true as in today’s online community. If your audience or customers can’t find you, your website will effectively be lost in the cyber abyss.

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Google may have called its updates Panda to seem docile but this animal could pack a punch to your traffic ratings for the good or the bad.

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