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What's better than becoming an insta-star?....A Youtube star, of course.  A new YouTube star is born every day, and you can become one too with the right tips for increasing your video network and video views.

American Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and businesses are joining the frenzy of coming up with new and creative ways to advertise, or interesting holiday-themed sales and offers that can set them apart. Before beginning your holiday campaign planning, here are some points to consider: 


With Halloween just around the corner, it is always a good idea to look back at some past Halloween-themed ad campaigns--from the good, the creative, to the downright disastrous.

As you might have already heard, your profile picture can soon become a profile video. With live video streaming services for celebrities and journalists, video autoplay rolling on newsfeeds, and now, profile videos, Facebook is becoming live with action and movement.

Taylor Swift is currently the most followed person on Instagram, outdistancing Kim Kardashian. With more than 140,000 fans out there via various social media channels, Taylor Swift still seems to be able to individually engage with each fan. So, how does she do this?

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IKEA never fails to impress us with their unique commercial that all walks of life can relate to; all pun intended. The newest ad campaign, “Wonderful Everyday”, promotes how spaces are most used and when the day begins and ends.  This campaign illustrates their new line of products that will make your everyday appliances easy to use; so easy a monkey can do it.

The clip entitled “Rebel Spirit” aims to “celebrate [the] lifestyle” of Mountain Dew’s founding fathers. It also appeared to many to be mascot Willy the Hillbilly’s comeback, but if I were him, I’d think twice before affiliating myself with this campaign. For anyone still on the fence, as William Shakespeare would say, “Pause awhile. And let my counsel sway you”.

Yesterday Facebook released a soppy “Thank You” message targeted to the more than two million businesses that are now advertising on the social network. Candid shots of bakers, skaters and other professionals, accompanied by heart-felt, scripted thank yous from Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, make up the principal part of the video. While we’re not all that impressed by the blatant pandering of the tech company, we are certainly intrigued by the significance of Facebook’s message.

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It’s the stuff of movie-making dreams with three of the biggest names in Hollywood on a multi-million dollar billing – but this is no silver screen blockbuster.

Instead, a one-minute commercial to promote the new City of Dreams casino complex in the Philippines is the reason superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro have teamed up with director Martin Scorsese.


In this series of Advertising, Adobe promotes the Adobe Marketing Cloud 

Buying Clicks? Adobe advertising shows the “Mean Streets” of Buying Likes.  In this bit called WIFE – the “Mean Streets” goes into the wife crying and saying ” You were buying clicks – What will I tell the children? ”

Some companies have their employees eat pasta off the floor in order to get attention. We say, 'bravo' to the shock value, but there are simpler ways to get your products noticed. In the end, though, it's just about being genuine

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Facebook prompts users to watch more videos with an improved algorithm. As always the social media website is changing and improving its method of building each user's newsfeed. Learn more about a few new improvements, especially concerning video. 

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People have been using Social Media, particularly Twitter to post their thoughts on the #1 sports event of the moment; the 2014 World Cup.

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Social Media now plays a huge roles in most of our daily lives. Singer Taylor Swift takes a look at Social Media's effect on the Music Industry.

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