Hipsters & the Mustache of Pop Culture
Posted at 12th of Jan, 08:47

Hipsters. They wear thick-rimmed glasses, quote Proust, and judge you for buying your jeans at H&M and not an unmarked vintage shop in the Mission District.


We’ve all seen them, know them, and at some point may have tried to join them. The point is, hipsters are everywhere these days, and they’re single-handedly promoting the hairiest symbol in pop culture, the mustache.


There was a time when the handlebar mustache was donned only by comical cartoon characters and Prussian royals. Today, thanks to hipsters, it has made a consumerized comeback.


Head into any Urban Outfitters (a.k.a. the ultimate hipster store) and you’re bound to find at least one item on every shelf that features a mustache. Mugs, T-Shirts, iPhone cases—mustaches are prevalent on every form of merchandise.


It’s not totally clear what the appeal is behind this somewhat humorous form of facial hair. Our guess, however, is that the hipster clan has adopted the mustache due to its retro quality and character. After all, the handlebar mustache is representative of old-timey figures like lion tamers, Mark Twain and Mexican revolutionaries. 


hipster mustache




Whatever the source of the appeal may be, we’re going to capitalize on this hipster obsession, and present you with 10 mustache items that we think will make perfect hipster gifts.




  1. BeerMo, because your beer needs a mustache.
  2. Mustache Cookie Cutters, cookies that will go great with your face.
  3. Mustache Nail Decals, because you can.
  4. Keep Calm & Grow a Mustache phone case, as we mentioned in our post.
  5. Mustache Bandages, to make your wounds manly.
  6. Mustache Duct Tape, to make your housework manly.
  7. Mustache Mug, what else are you going to put on a mug?
  8. Mustache Tie Clip, to make your tie manly.
  9. Mustache Wrapping Paper, for all the gifts you buy for your hipster friends.
  10. Mustache World Map, because they rule the world. 

Raffi Keuhnelian

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