McBike for McDonald's: Hipsters and Healthy Choices
Posted at 23th of Jun, 07:34

Cycling has become quite the subject in many advertising campaigns lately. Just take a look at the many ads which were entered in the Cannes Lions festival. Also, there was the recent Life Paint Campaign by Volvo. In a word, as the world tries to recover from a well-established lazy and rather unhealthy lifestyle, cycling has quickly become the new black.


In light of this new (and extremely healthy) craze McDonald’s has also released a campaign which took root in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to the video clip below the McBike is soon to spread around the globe starting with Amsterdam and Tokyo.


The advertisement features new banners, and healthier, calmer looking colors for McDonald’s latest product, but more excitingly it features bike drive-throughs at McDonald’s restaurants! The McBike itself, of course, is a stroke of genius.




An idea as simple as a convenient package of fries, sandwich and drink was enough to start a world tour. Now all we need are more cyclists and more bike-friendly roads. Companies who acknowledge their questionable pasts, especially when it comes to providing products which have significantly harmed their customers, and go out of their way to rebrand a better image is very encouraging. Sure, it benefits the international multimillion dollar company, but it also influences the millions who frequent the restaurant.


It is also noteworthy that advertising campaign like this start by a simple, yet well-filmed clip, usually no more than a few minutes in length, making it easy to share and spread on social media. With techniques like this, companies in essence have their clientele do all the advertising for them. This again goes to show the critical use of social media in today’s digital marketing age.



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