Mashable's Social Media Day
Posted at 01th of Jul, 23:29

June 30th, marked the fifth annual social media day organized by Mashable. Surprisingly the activities transcend the web and have become social events--in real life and time. Mashable organized the first Social Media Day on 2010 with the aim of recognizing the significant changes taking place in the digital world.


Since its inception, Social Media Day has brought thousands together across the world, mostly through an online conversation facilitated by hashtags. Similarly, social media has also encouraged meetups--a name borrowed from the social media site that helps people “meet up” offline and in person to carry out a common interest.


Thousands across the world have organized various meetups in celebration of social media. #SMDAY--that is, hashtag social media day-- has been celebrated in over a thousand cities.


Social Media: A Silent Scream


Social Media has become part of everyday life and communication. Take for example Uruguay’s Suarez and his biting scandal during the World Cup. After the aggression took place in the game, people went to social media to express, possibly vent, every fathomable perspective on the case. Although this conversation is happening silently on-screen, it has been buzzing on the sea of noise that can be social media.


The ways social media has become a quotidian tool for communication and organization is evident by the role it has played in the numerous revolutions across the Middle East. Social Media has such a prevalent role within people’s lives that Turkey decided to block Twitter and YouTube for a couple of days this year.


Just How Much Has Social Media Revolutionized Our Life?


What happens online has manifests itself in real life. From missed job opportunities due to college photos or a sassy status about your boss, social media has opened up a platform for all to be heard. Similarly, it opened the platform for vast types of conversations such as: interpersonal connections without eye contact, anonymous chat rooms for someone seeking help, a place to obnoxiously comment and bully someone, etc. The opportunities are endless and as well as the good and bad aspects of social media.


However, Social Media Day represents one of the good things about social media: a tool to organize and bring people together. Mashable’ Social Media Day Meetups were organized by the Mashable community with the intent of giving readers the chance to discuss social media and technology offline. Through social media people met up in pool parties, hikes, farmer’s markets, and countless other activities and places to discuss and celebrate social media.


Although at times social media seems--or can become--a distant and removed activity in one’s life, the possibilities to capitalize upon its influence are endless!



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