New BISSELL Ad: Affront to Hygiene or Genius Marketing?
Posted at 26th of Aug, 13:17

Before we get to the meat of our blogpost, take a look at this video.



Disgusted? Shocked? Want to buy a BISSELL Symphony vacuum cleaner?


All of the above are expected reactions to the video you just watched. Who would have thought that something as boring as a vacuum cleaner could have such dynamic appeal?


That’s the key to good marketing and branding however, unique content that will imprint your product on your customer’s mind. BISSELL went for the shock value in this video, but that’s not the only approach out there.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the most important thing in content marketing is being genuine.


Genuine to your product, genuine to your customer and genuine to yourself.


So don’t worry, you don’t have to eat pasta off a NY subway floor in order to get your product noticed. A much easier (& sanitary) approach would be to contact the iNexxus team. We can help you get set up with professional and engaging online marketing campaigns that are genuine to your business and your customers.


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