Back to Grammar: How's Your Business Vocabulary?
Posted at 18th of Sep, 14:51

Too much of today’s business lingo is overused and abused buzzwords. It’s important to realize that if your content is chock-full of vague and puzzling (for the average reader) words, then it’s probably failing to convey a compelling message to your audience.


Let’s take a look at an example, shall we.




Here’s a word that’s adored by many a content writer, but often fails to represent the meaning originally intended by it. “Engagement” might subtly evoke the idea of a more personalized, intimate relationship between you and your customer. However, it harbors the drawback of being vague and generalized. A world like “engagement” fails to indicate anything specific, thus discrediting it of the emotion it originally intended to express.


Now let’s compare “engagement” with a positive example like the word, “customer-centric”.


Here we’ve moved beyond simply using broad buzzwords like “customer service” or “customer relations”. A word like “customer-centric” is more specific in the sense that it directly implies the customer is at the center of your service and overall business philosophy.


Using proper business vocabulary is imperative to effective business outreach. In today’s business culture, it’s crucial to use words that are both creative and direct. After all, that’s the key to generating content that’s genuine and captivating.


Interested to learn more? Check out Robert Thompson’s book Hooked On Customers where he writes extensively on taking a direct approach with business language.

Raffi Keuhnelian

Raffi Keuhnelian is an entrepreneur and an accomplished digital marketing professional from Montreal, Quebec. He successfully co-founded iNexxus, TikTakTo, and MusicPromoToday, and works with over 5000 independent artists, as well as Fortune 500 companies, such as Ford Motor Company, Corona, and SONY.

How to Create Your Brand Experience

You’ve already perfected your brand identity and story, and now it's time to translate your narrative into captivating visuals that complete your whole package. A powerful design has best impact when narrating the story of your brand. If your design makes an impression, audience bonding will come naturally.

Consider such questions about your end user for maximum results:

What value does your brand add to the customer?What makes your brand authentic?What reaction does your brand attempt to evoke?

How these factors are expressed through your design will be crucial in passing on the core identity of your brand and allowing consumers to connect, and result having them feeling satisfied and wanting more. Developing brand attributes through your designs, while keeping them very simple will allow your consumer to recognize you and become familiar with what your brand stands for; be it in in stores, online, through advertising, or anywhere else.

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