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Today, the average attention span is 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. Content on the internet has tripled. We have so many options we no longer read, but scan. The options, offers, emails, and content are endless. So, how then do marketers grab the attention of potential customers and then keep their attention long enough to convert them into actual leads and sales?

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What's better than becoming an insta-star?....A Youtube star, of course.  A new YouTube star is born every day, and you can become one too with the right tips for increasing your video network and video views.

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Can a color speak for a generation? In the case of millennial pink, it can. New York Magazine recently proclaimed that millennial pink, a colour that began trending in the summer of 2016, is here to stay.

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Whether it's Thanksgiving, New Year, Halloween or upcoming Mother’s Day, any holiday = gifts and spending. Holidays or new seasons are the best times to launch your holiday marketing campaign. But just like shopping for gifts, planning your holiday campaign is something you don't want to shove off until the last minute. You want to reach your customers and prospects on time, before your competitors do.


Haven't started planning your campaign yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got it down for you.

We've mapped out a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to launch any holiday marketing campaign, designed to get your campaign up and running right away.


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Whether it's Thanksgiving, New Years, Halloween or upcoming Mother’s Day; any holiday = gifts and spending money. Holidays or new seasons are the best times to launch your holiday marketing and promotional campaign. Just like with shopping for gifts, however, planning your holiday campaign is something you don't want to leave off until the last minute. You want to reach your customers and prospects on time, before your competitors do.


Haven't started planning your campaign yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got it down for you.



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Cinco de Mayo, which is not the Mexican Independence Day, is actually a minor holiday in Mexico, which celebrates the victory over the French at the Battle Of Puebla.


So how did a minor holiday turn into a huge event in the U.S.? MARKETING. Perhaps better known as "Cinco de Drinko", here is a little information on the companies who used marketing to turn Cinco de Mayo into an American holiday.

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Once you've already launched your business; have finished your website and your SEO; once you have your team and all your products ready, your next step would be to start the PR of your product/business.

For a lot of brands or businesses, hiring a PR manager isn't worth the money at all. Conversely, a PR team is one of the best brand-building tools to kickstart a business. The difference is that your brand may or may not need a well-executed PR strategy, and it's up to you to figure that out before wasting future money and time.


Here are a few tips to help you decide whether PR is right for you.

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Now more than ever, there are so many opportunities for artists to distribute their original work straight to their fans; the goal would be to obtain new fans and go global. Although, piracy has made it difficult for artists to sell their music, live performances are more important than ever for artists to make a living.


So, how do musicians reach audiences, and where are their audiences? Fans are shifting to online services like Spotify and Pandora to stream and listen to music, but you have to figure out how to alert them and get them engaged with your up-and-coming tour.

To find the best solution, you must first understand the two forms of music marketing: Push Marketing and Pull Marketing.

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By this point you’ve all heard and seen what happened on United Airlines flight 3411, bound for Kentucky from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. To review: On April 9th, 69 year old doctor David Dao was dragged from the overbooked plane after refusing to give up his seat to one of four, embarking crew members.

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80% of corporations say they offerfantastic customer service, then again only 8% of their customers agree. Clearly, there's a disconnect somewhere, which is costing companies millions.

Here’s how to fix it all; tips from marketing and promotion specialists at iNexxus.

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The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is by far one of the most interesting aspects of marketing, in our opinion. Here are some findings put together from different research studies.

The Psychology of Color

Elements such as personal preference, experiences, upbringing, cultural differences, context, often challenge the effect of individual colors.

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You’ve already perfected your brand identity and story, and now it's time to translate your narrative into captivating visuals that complete your whole package. A powerful design has best impact when narrating the story of your brand. If your design makes an impression, audience bonding will come naturally.

Consider such questions about your end user for maximum results:

What value does your brand add to the customer?What makes your brand authentic?What reaction does your brand attempt to evoke?

How these factors are expressed through your design will be crucial in passing on the core identity of your brand and allowing consumers to connect, and result having them feeling satisfied and wanting more. Developing brand attributes through your designs, while keeping them very simple will allow your consumer to recognize you and become familiar with what your brand stands for; be it in in stores, online, through advertising, or anywhere else.

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Should Politics and Marketing Ever Mix?

On the occasion of the new version of the executive order Trump signed this week, (which leaves the long-term process to restrict visas and refugee admissions in place, but with limited temporary measures. Learn more here) let’s speak about the previous Trump refugee/visa ban and about how and why different businesses became a part of it. And as a business, should you even get into the political mess or simply stay out?

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When it comes to marketing and PR, there is no perfect science; we are dealing with people after all. At iNexxus though, we’ve got it down to as close to a science as you can make it. If you want to run a successful campaign follow these tips and avoid these pitfalls to ensure your success!


  • Specific - What exactly do you want to achieve?

  • Measurable - How will you be able to keep measure of it?

  • Achievable - How will you be able to attain it within your budget?

  • Realistic - Are your goals realistic with regard to your resources / time frame?

  • Timed - What kind of timeframe are you looking at?
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An infographic is essentially a visual representation of text and statistics. Rather than having blocks of text, an infographic is a simple way for an easier read and successful processing of the information.

People, especially in this era are more visual, they like looking at the pictures or headlines before getting to the text and may not even get  to the meat of the story. What journalists and content-writers do today is tightly press their stories, shrinking them and adding more visuals just to get their first couple of lines read. Scientifically we only remember 20% of what we read; 90% of what the brain processes is visual in one way or another.  

The most shared and liked things on social media... Read more

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This article you are about to read decodes ten easy steps on how, and why to promote your brand and, business. The necessary tools to make sure your message and word is by, captivating, describing, communication building and the most important one of all, expanding your horizons. This is where social media kicks in and, does not give up (donut pun below) on making sure it’s viewers are updated and continuously interested in what you have to offer.

1) Make sure what you have is great! The first step to every commitment is to have confidence in your product, business or brand.Test out it out and present it in meetings, use media or other brands to show it’s success.

2) Narrow down your target audience, this is important to be able to...

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As we’ve all become extremely aware of televised marketing in this day and age, it has not only become ubiquitous, but can be at certain times, astronomically expensive. One of the most expensive spots to be aired on television is during the Super Bowl. It’s actually become almost sensational news, brands and companies are paying in the millions for but a simple 30 second ad. Is it worth it? Statistics deem it so. On average, football is a way of life for many people, in the States and around the world. Being the most looked forward to Football event of the year, the Super Bowl is reported to get somewhere between 110 to 115 million viewers. Out of those viewers, many fans will be so enthralled with the idea of not missing a single minute that they won’t budge from their seats for the entire duration of the viewing. From a marketing perspective, you couldn’t ask for a better audience to advertise with. When the numbers became viral people were shocked to see the price tag attached to the commercials. Ever since (the year) 2000, where the price was reported to have been 2.2 million dollars for a 30 second commercial (that’s $73,333 per minute!), the prices have risen and even almost doubled.


Recently INSEAD Knowledge published an article questioning one of the main beliefs in social media marketing. According to their new research, social media engagement does not always increase with the number of followers. There is a certain limit after which engagement starts to drop.


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Pokémon Go As a New Marketing Trend

Boost Your Exposure Online By Using These Simple Strategic Keyword Research Methods

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