A Guide to Become Better at Youtube-ing
Posted at 31th of May, 00:15

What's better than becoming an insta-star?....A Youtube star, of course.  A new YouTube star is born every day, and you can become one too with the right tips for increasing your video network and video views.


Become a YouTube Star With a Viral Video

Creating a viral video is the quickest way to become a YouTube star. Unfortunately, producing such a video isn't easy or formulaic. Most YouTube stars create their viral videos by accident, and manufacturing the kind of situation that might create one . What you can do though is become very comfortable with your camera/smartphone, and constantly be taking videos or vlgs of your day or other interesting things you see. Also what helps is a creative mind ( to take videos of entertaining challenges, pranks, dares, cool projects, amazing talent, and etc), having an inordinate personality and great articulation ( if you’re great at telling stories, have an interesting life story to tell, and above all you are able to express yourself enthusiastically them you've kind of got what it takes). Also it’s great to have some kind of talent or hobby that you’re really good at to use at your advantage.


Build Your YouTube Network

Your YouTube friends and fans are the ones most likely to watch your videos. If you have a large network, your videos will be viewed and shared more, increasing your chances of becoming a YouTube star. Build your YouTube network by reaching out to others who are producing and watching videos on similar topics to yours. If you watch and comment on other people's videos, they'll be more likely to return the favor. Also you should constantly be networking with everyone and anyone you meet or think will potentially help you.Teaming up with other youtubers or influencers will get you high views and new fans. Other networks such as extraordinary friends, who do God knows what,  can also become the reason for new subscribers and views.

Create a YouTube Channel


A YouTube channel gives you a place to introduce yourself and promote yourself as a YouTube star. Customize your YouTube channel content so it can be quickly found in searches. If you update your channel regularly with new videos and content, you'll give your fans a reason to return often, and this will build up your following as a YouTube star.


Optimize Your YouTube Videos

If you want to be a YouTube star, your videos need to be seen. And for your videos to be seen, they need to be found. Optimizing your videos with tags and descriptions that match what your fans are looking for will help you become a YouTube star. Use keywords to better be found in search results and have original video title, descriptions and inducing thumbnails.


Meet Other YouTube Stars

Other YouTube stars can be some of the most helpful people if you want to become a YouTube star yourself. Find YouTubers who are popular and whose videos you admire. Begin interacting with them, by friending, favoriting and commenting on their videos. In this way you can develop relationships with YouTube stars who can offer advice and encouragement (and access to their networks) for building your own YouTube star power.


Enter YouTube  Contests

YouTube video contest entries generally get a lot of views. You may not win any prizes, but entering a video is a good way to win some new followers and fans, which every YouTube star needs. Also there’s a lot of other YouTube “reality” shows or challenge shows, which will also make you popular.


Follow YouTube Rules

YouTube stars are careful about following YouTube's rules, because they know that if they don't they will be suspended from the site. The main rules are avoid copyright violations in any of your uploaded videos, and to play nicely with other YouTubers.


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