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Now more than ever, there are so many opportunities for artists to distribute their original work straight to their fans; the goal would be to obtain new fans and go global. Although, piracy has made it difficult for artists to sell their music, live performances are more important than ever for artists to make a living.


So, how do musicians reach audiences, and where are their audiences? Fans are shifting to online services like Spotify and Pandora to stream and listen to music, but you have to figure out how to alert them and get them engaged with your up-and-coming tour.

To find the best solution, you must first understand the two forms of music marketing: Push Marketing and Pull Marketing.

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As we’ve all become extremely aware of televised marketing in this day and age, it has not only become ubiquitous, but can be at certain times, astronomically expensive. One of the most expensive spots to be aired on television is during the Super Bowl. It’s actually become almost sensational news, brands and companies are paying in the millions for but a simple 30 second ad. Is it worth it? Statistics deem it so. On average, football is a way of life for many people, in the States and around the world. Being the most looked forward to Football event of the year, the Super Bowl is reported to get somewhere between 110 to 115 million viewers. Out of those viewers, many fans will be so enthralled with the idea of not missing a single minute that they won’t budge from their seats for the entire duration of the viewing. From a marketing perspective, you couldn’t ask for a better audience to advertise with. When the numbers became viral people were shocked to see the price tag attached to the commercials. Ever since (the year) 2000, where the price was reported to have been 2.2 million dollars for a 30 second commercial (that’s $73,333 per minute!), the prices have risen and even almost doubled.


Recently INSEAD Knowledge published an article questioning one of the main beliefs in social media marketing. According to their new research, social media engagement does not always increase with the number of followers. There is a certain limit after which engagement starts to drop.


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