For many companies that want a change in their company, rebranding can seem necessary, but of course may appear a little intimidating. Many businesses therefore believe it is better to be safe rather than creative, and may stifle any new ideas that would require a change from the ordinary.

The new ice cream from Ample Hills shows an interesting marketing trend we should all be aware of. Read on to discover how it can benefit your brand. 

American Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and businesses are joining the frenzy of coming up with new and creative ways to advertise, or interesting holiday-themed sales and offers that can set them apart. Before beginning your holiday campaign planning, here are some points to consider: 


That company is National Geographic. They were ranked No. 1 for the best engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the third quarter. Runner-ups included the NFL, WWE, NBA, and MTV. How does a company like National Geographic achieve this type of social following? While its household name of course contributes to the success, here are a few other reasons all companies can learn from:


With Halloween just around the corner, it is always a good idea to look back at some past Halloween-themed ad campaigns--from the good, the creative, to the downright disastrous.

For businesses and brands, holiday campaigns prove to be one of the most effective strategies to derive sale boosts, reputation enhancement, and customer engagement and loyalty, time after time. So on this Thanksgiving Day, let’s take a look at the brands that have seized the moment and have gone above and beyond to deliver exceptionally effective campaigns.

As you might have already heard, your profile picture can soon become a profile video. With live video streaming services for celebrities and journalists, video autoplay rolling on newsfeeds, and now, profile videos, Facebook is becoming live with action and movement.

What’s all the talk online about Facebook getting a “dislike” button? Really? How can the geniuses behind Facebook think that adding another ploy for Internet bullying is a good idea?

In recent years, marketers have shifted their attention to social media sites, and for a good reason. With the ever-growing activities, technological innovations, and the number of growing users, social media platforms are proving fruitful for brands. In the course of the past few years, social media sites have increased their user-friendliness, and have driven marketing to a whole new level. Moreover, programmers and advertisers are quickly developing new tools to ease the selection and purchasing process for customers, while inventing new and creative streams for advertising and capitalization. 
To keep up with the trends here are certain factors to bear in mind while planning your 2016 marketing strategy.

As time passes, and as more and more campaigns become successful through the use of social media and hashtags, more and more companies decide to market and promote products through what only a few years ago was deemed impossible.

As promised, iNexxus continues to look at companies which have excellently re-branded and reshaped their images to give them the upper leg in their respective industries today. With either a few strategic tweaks or major overhauls, brands like UPS, J.Crew and Burberry have established a completely different legacy in a very short time. To read the about the first five brands click here.

Cycling has become quite the subject in many advertising campaign lately. Just take a look at the many ads which were entered in the Cannes Lions festival. Also, there was the recent Life Paint Campaign by Volvo. In a word, as the world tries to recover from a well-established lazy and rather unhealthy lifestyle, cycling has quickly become the new black.

At last, more and more alcohol and spirits companies are embracing digital marketing. Alcohol brands can now target specific age groups, and avoid the 20 and under age group, with Facebook’s and Twitter’s growing sophisticated technologies. These brands are also discovering the power of data-driven marketing, and are producing exemplary results.

To paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare “Friends, Romans, countrymen, SEO specialists, lend me your ears...” Yes, fellow search engine optimizing Thespians of the digital marketing world, you’d better hold on to your keywords for this one! For those who are still in the dark about the events which are about to transpire on Google, iNexxus is here to provide insight and further enlightenment.

While the week isn’t quite over according to the calendar, iNexxus digital marketing team of experts have accumulated too much information in our collective diary not to share with you all. Thumbing through your different newsfeeds and trending hashtags you probably noticed a few things. For us digital media marketing nerds we couldn’t help but ask, “What is going on?!”

The answer: Too many things, but fear not gentle Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming Internet-using, friends we’ll break it down for you:

An Austrian men’s magazine, Vangardist, has printed their latest magazine using the blood of people who are HIV positive. This creative marketing scheme is bringing much needed attention to the widespread stigma attached to the virus that can lead to AIDs. The campaign aims at destroying the irrational, mislead notion behind HIV and how it is transmitted, and most importantly, it is proving effective.

The clip entitled “Rebel Spirit” aims to “celebrate [the] lifestyle” of Mountain Dew’s founding fathers. It also appeared to many to be mascot Willy the Hillbilly’s comeback, but if I were him, I’d think twice before affiliating myself with this campaign. For anyone still on the fence, as William Shakespeare would say, “Pause awhile. And let my counsel sway you”.

The tiny Swan Lake in Armenia, a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, has been making a big splash all over the news and social media...if you catch my drift. Yes, by now everyone knows about Kanye West’s surprise concert in Yerevan and the unforgettable closing jump into the lake. With Kanye’s spontaneity and Kim’s social media know-how, the dynamic duo managed to rally over 5,000 people for a free concert in under half an hour. Now that is leadership in the digital age, ladies and gents!

For the average bloke, when someone says the word “whiskey” their first thought is probably no where near Japan. However, with the release of this latest ad, Japanese Suntory Whisky has thrown down the gauntlet in establishing itself as a serious and elegant player in the alcohol industry.

For marketing agencies and brands all across the globe, April Fools' Day is a glorious occasion. It’s not just about practical jokes. On April 1st clever, creative and amusing concepts emerge from the most conservative budgets. Indeed, this holiday recharges our creative juices for the rest of the year. Check out a few examples, just for the fool of it!

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