Large companies and brands that have been with us all of our lives are very much like our children, in that we never realize how much they have changed over the years. But if we take a closer look we can see that many companies have had tragic faux pas or have been on the verge of bankruptcy at certain points throughout their existence. However, the effective campaigns launched to rebrand these companies have not only saved them from dire situations, but also lead them to be leading brands in their respective markets. To better understand just how well these brands have redeemed themselves iNexxus has put together a case-by-case list of the top 10 which we’ll be debuting in two parts.


For the average bloke, when someone says the word “whiskey” their first thought is probably no where near Japan. However, with the release of this latest ad, Japanese Suntory Whisky has thrown down the gauntlet in establishing itself as a serious and elegant player in the alcohol industry.

For marketing agencies and brands all across the globe, April Fools' Day is a glorious occasion. It’s not just about practical jokes. On April 1st clever, creative and amusing concepts emerge from the most conservative budgets. Indeed, this holiday recharges our creative juices for the rest of the year. Check out a few examples, just for the fool of it!

Heineken embarks on a major rebranding effort for Singapore's oldest beer. 

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