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Can a color speak for a generation? In the case of millennial pink, it can. New York Magazine recently proclaimed that millennial pink, a colour that began trending in the summer of 2016, is here to stay.

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You’ve already perfected your brand identity and story, and now it's time to translate your narrative into captivating visuals that complete your whole package. A powerful design has best impact when narrating the story of your brand. If your design makes an impression, audience bonding will come naturally.

Consider such questions about your end user for maximum results:

What value does your brand add to the customer?What makes your brand authentic?What reaction does your brand attempt to evoke?

How these factors are expressed through your design will be crucial in passing on the core identity of your brand and allowing consumers to connect, and result having them feeling satisfied and wanting more. Developing brand attributes through your designs, while keeping them very simple will allow your consumer to recognize you and become familiar with what your brand stands for; be it in in stores, online, through advertising, or anywhere else.

For many companies that want a change in their company, rebranding can seem necessary, but of course may appear a little intimidating. Many businesses therefore believe it is better to be safe rather than creative, and may stifle any new ideas that would require a change from the ordinary.

With Halloween just around the corner, it is always a good idea to look back at some past Halloween-themed ad campaigns--from the good, the creative, to the downright disastrous.

Many were shocked to find out the news that Google, the most popular search engine in the world, has decided to undergo a large-scale rebranding effort, which includes updating its world-renowned, iconic logo.


As a tribute to Disney Pixar Animation Studios' new film, “Inside Out,” Skype has made a few, new additions to its emoticons. From now on,  Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear, also known as "the little voices inside your head", will help the young and the old express their feelings in a more direct manner.

As time passes, and as more and more campaigns become successful through the use of social media and hashtags, more and more companies decide to market and promote products through what only a few years ago was deemed impossible.

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IKEA never fails to impress us with their unique commercial that all walks of life can relate to; all pun intended. The newest ad campaign, “Wonderful Everyday”, promotes how spaces are most used and when the day begins and ends.  This campaign illustrates their new line of products that will make your everyday appliances easy to use; so easy a monkey can do it.

As promised, iNexxus continues to look at companies which have excellently re-branded and reshaped their images to give them the upper leg in their respective industries today. With either a few strategic tweaks or major overhauls, brands like UPS, J.Crew and Burberry have established a completely different legacy in a very short time. To read the about the first five brands click here.

Large companies and brands that have been with us all of our lives are very much like our children, in that we never realize how much they have changed over the years. But if we take a closer look we can see that many companies have had tragic faux pas or have been on the verge of bankruptcy at certain points throughout their existence. However, the effective campaigns launched to rebrand these companies have not only saved them from dire situations, but also lead them to be leading brands in their respective markets. To better understand just how well these brands have redeemed themselves iNexxus has put together a case-by-case list of the top 10 which we’ll be debuting in two parts.


I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and where I come from—a place that has more health markets and Toyota Priuses than I’d like to admit—Airbnb is a loveable startup that’s got the whole of Silicon Valley holding hands and singing Kumbaya. The company’s “belong anywhere” motto bodes well with the ethos of the average San Franciscan. And while I’ll admit to having used Airbnb multiple times, and generally admiring the brands superb content marketing skill, I want to bring to your attention a recent PR kerfuffle that I think Airbnb, as well as the rest of us, can learn from.

In today’s complex world of sending and receiving messages, it is time we wake up to the spectrum of communication that may be saying the most, but that we consciously pay attention to the least. As more and more studies are done, it becomes increasingly apparent that the colors we use on our websites, as well as other media visuals, play a larger role in what we communicate than you might have previously thought.


“Forever rising to the surface. Feet planted firmly underground.” That’s the subtle one liner Mountain Dew proudly displays in grunge lettering on its website. Indeed, it’s a nice and catchy phrase. And if we didn’t know any better we’d fall for their pandering, clearly catered to fresh-faced hipsters in skinny jeans, and take the soda company’s record label, Green Label Sound, for a genuine actor in the music underground. Mountain Dew is eager to sell itself as a cool and veritable investor in the careers of indie musicians. In fact, it's not the first big brand to take on this role. Red Bull, Scion, and the Hard Rock Cafe have all started their own record labels that seek out the best talent and, get this, don’t take a penny from the artists they sponsor.

When it comes to marketing, packaging is half the battle. Whether it’s an online brand presence or a physical representation of your product, it's crucial to utilize a design that is innovative, eye-catching and representative of your company’s unique appeal.

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They may be some of the most well-known brands in the USA but they still need branding strategies to break Asia.

Heineken embarks on a major rebranding effort for Singapore's oldest beer. 

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