The new ice cream from Ample Hills shows an interesting marketing trend we should all be aware of. Read on to discover how it can benefit your brand. 

American Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and businesses are joining the frenzy of coming up with new and creative ways to advertise, or interesting holiday-themed sales and offers that can set them apart. Before beginning your holiday campaign planning, here are some points to consider: 


With Halloween just around the corner, it is always a good idea to look back at some past Halloween-themed ad campaigns--from the good, the creative, to the downright disastrous.

Cycling has become quite the subject in many advertising campaign lately. Just take a look at the many ads which were entered in the Cannes Lions festival. Also, there was the recent Life Paint Campaign by Volvo. In a word, as the world tries to recover from a well-established lazy and rather unhealthy lifestyle, cycling has quickly become the new black.

Yesterday Facebook released a soppy “Thank You” message targeted to the more than two million businesses that are now advertising on the social network. Candid shots of bakers, skaters and other professionals, accompanied by heart-felt, scripted thank yous from Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, make up the principal part of the video. While we’re not all that impressed by the blatant pandering of the tech company, we are certainly intrigued by the significance of Facebook’s message.

When it comes to marketing, packaging is half the battle. Whether it’s an online brand presence or a physical representation of your product, it's crucial to utilize a design that is innovative, eye-catching and representative of your company’s unique appeal.

Posted at 19th of Dec, 04:40

Korean Air executive, Cho Hyun-ah's innapropriate outburst over macadamia nuts turns into the best PR stunt the nut industry could dream of.

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