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Posted at 25th of Sep, 06:42

Another Google update is coming out on November 1st. While this may be considered somewhat of a minor update, it will surely leave many brands, users, and especially small businesses dependent on local SEO only frustrated.

Posted at 18th of Sep, 07:18

For those who read the announcement by Google on Search Engine Land, and for those who saw their rankings on Google and then realized that there was a Google Update, we know that your heart skipped a beat or two, but what you need to know is that you were not alone.


What’s all the talk online about Facebook getting a “dislike” button? Really? How can the geniuses behind Facebook think that adding another ploy for Internet bullying is a good idea?

Many were shocked to find out the news that Google, the most popular search engine in the world, has decided to undergo a large-scale rebranding effort, which includes updating its world-renowned, iconic logo.


With the constantly changing Google algorithms and the growing number of websites on the internet, SEO has become more important than ever. While content is still the most important component of blogging and marketing, as a good text can lead to positive user experiences and rising sales, the infamous Google robots searching through the web look for much more when raking your website. Without the right SEO strategy, even an extremely useful result or a high quality product can be overlooked by Google and, by extension, potential customers.


Cycling has become quite the subject in many advertising campaign lately. Just take a look at the many ads which were entered in the Cannes Lions festival. Also, there was the recent Life Paint Campaign by Volvo. In a word, as the world tries to recover from a well-established lazy and rather unhealthy lifestyle, cycling has quickly become the new black.

To paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare “Friends, Romans, countrymen, SEO specialists, lend me your ears...” Yes, fellow search engine optimizing Thespians of the digital marketing world, you’d better hold on to your keywords for this one! For those who are still in the dark about the events which are about to transpire on Google, iNexxus is here to provide insight and further enlightenment.

While the week isn’t quite over according to the calendar, iNexxus digital marketing team of experts have accumulated too much information in our collective diary not to share with you all. Thumbing through your different newsfeeds and trending hashtags you probably noticed a few things. For us digital media marketing nerds we couldn’t help but ask, “What is going on?!”

The answer: Too many things, but fear not gentle Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming Internet-using, friends we’ll break it down for you:

An Austrian men’s magazine, Vangardist, has printed their latest magazine using the blood of people who are HIV positive. This creative marketing scheme is bringing much needed attention to the widespread stigma attached to the virus that can lead to AIDs. The campaign aims at destroying the irrational, mislead notion behind HIV and how it is transmitted, and most importantly, it is proving effective.

Google, the mighty search engine, who sees all, and knows all. The fortified system of algorithms is as precise as good clockwork. However, it remains so by constantly making improvements before problems even arise. In fact, the latest upgrade happen so quickly we didn’t even witness ol’ clocksmith work his magic, hence the name “Phantom”.

The debate over whether social media impacts SEO has produced various answers and no clear consensus, mostly because the focus is on the technicalities and not on results. With this article, I will attempt to alleviate the agitation and provide simple and concise examples of how social media can impact SEO by examining iNexxus' proven strategy.


Thirty years after the inception of the Internet, two billion people were connected to the World Wide Web. Predictions run that only seven years will be necessary to connect the next two billion people.

Posted at 21th of Apr, 08:55

Today, on April 21, Google released a new algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages. The rockstar search engine is certainly bringing new meaning to the term “spring cleaning” for any and all who have an URL address on the world wide web. For this occasion, iNexxus digital marketing agency has put together a comprehensive overview on what #Mobilegeddon will and will not affect, as well as how iNexxus can mitigate the effects of #Mobilegeddon for your company, while enhancing your mobile online presence.
Defining #Mobilegeddon

The tiny Swan Lake in Armenia, a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, has been making a big splash all over the news and social media...if you catch my drift. Yes, by now everyone knows about Kanye West’s surprise concert in Yerevan and the unforgettable closing jump into the lake. With Kanye’s spontaneity and Kim’s social media know-how, the dynamic duo managed to rally over 5,000 people for a free concert in under half an hour. Now that is leadership in the digital age, ladies and gents!

Marketers have anxiously observed as Coca Cola sales have continued to drop for nearly a decade now. To accommodate for changing tastes in the market, the hegemonic soda company has hinted at promoting its bottled water products more than its iconic soft drinksa shift that will probably become more noticeable in the coming four to five years. While Coca Cola is altering its marketing strategy, its recent Share a Coke campaign shows that the company is nonetheless fighting to re-energize its line of classic beverages.

If you want to establish an effective online presence for your business in 2015, you need to know a few things about search engine optimization (SEO). The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” has never been so true as in today’s online community. If your audience or customers can’t find you, your website will effectively be lost in the cyber abyss.

Yesterday Facebook released a soppy “Thank You” message targeted to the more than two million businesses that are now advertising on the social network. Candid shots of bakers, skaters and other professionals, accompanied by heart-felt, scripted thank yous from Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, make up the principal part of the video. While we’re not all that impressed by the blatant pandering of the tech company, we are certainly intrigued by the significance of Facebook’s message.

When it comes to branding, slogans are everything. Moreover, a well-crafted slogan must describe a company’s motto and mission all in one brief phrase or sentence. It’s not the easiest thing to come up with a brilliant tagline that will not only captivate, but actually imprint itself onto the collective conscience or, in other words, catch on. If you’re looking to write a juicy catchphrase, take a look at this list of our top 8 favorite company slogans for inspiration. 


In this series of Advertising, Adobe promotes the Adobe Marketing Cloud 

Buying Clicks? Adobe advertising shows the “Mean Streets” of Buying Likes.  In this bit called WIFE – the “Mean Streets” goes into the wife crying and saying ” You were buying clicks – What will I tell the children? ”

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