The clip entitled “Rebel Spirit” aims to “celebrate [the] lifestyle” of Mountain Dew’s founding fathers. It also appeared to many to be mascot Willy the Hillbilly’s comeback, but if I were him, I’d think twice before affiliating myself with this campaign. For anyone still on the fence, as William Shakespeare would say, “Pause awhile. And let my counsel sway you”.

“Forever rising to the surface. Feet planted firmly underground.” That’s the subtle one liner Mountain Dew proudly displays in grunge lettering on its website. Indeed, it’s a nice and catchy phrase. And if we didn’t know any better we’d fall for their pandering, clearly catered to fresh-faced hipsters in skinny jeans, and take the soda company’s record label, Green Label Sound, for a genuine actor in the music underground. Mountain Dew is eager to sell itself as a cool and veritable investor in the careers of indie musicians. In fact, it's not the first big brand to take on this role. Red Bull, Scion, and the Hard Rock Cafe have all started their own record labels that seek out the best talent and, get this, don’t take a penny from the artists they sponsor.

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