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Another Google update is coming out on November 1st. While this may be considered somewhat of a minor update, it will surely leave many brands, users, and especially small businesses dependent on local SEO only frustrated.

With the constantly changing Google algorithms and the growing number of websites on the internet, SEO has become more important than ever. While content is still the most important component of blogging and marketing, as a good text can lead to positive user experiences and rising sales, the infamous Google robots searching through the web look for much more when raking your website. Without the right SEO strategy, even an extremely useful result or a high quality product can be overlooked by Google and, by extension, potential customers.


At last, more and more alcohol and spirits companies are embracing digital marketing. Alcohol brands can now target specific age groups, and avoid the 20 and under age group, with Facebook’s and Twitter’s growing sophisticated technologies. These brands are also discovering the power of data-driven marketing, and are producing exemplary results.

Google, the mighty search engine, who sees all, and knows all. The fortified system of algorithms is as precise as good clockwork. However, it remains so by constantly making improvements before problems even arise. In fact, the latest upgrade happen so quickly we didn’t even witness ol’ clocksmith work his magic, hence the name “Phantom”.

The debate over whether social media impacts SEO has produced various answers and no clear consensus, mostly because the focus is on the technicalities and not on results. With this article, I will attempt to alleviate the agitation and provide simple and concise examples of how social media can impact SEO by examining iNexxus' proven strategy.


If you want to establish an effective online presence for your business in 2015, you need to know a few things about search engine optimization (SEO). The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” has never been so true as in today’s online community. If your audience or customers can’t find you, your website will effectively be lost in the cyber abyss.

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Writer's block is a myth. Not the nice kind of myth, like Sasquatch or the unicorn--kind of endearing, and something that you wouldn’t mind running into one day. No, writer’s block is a nasty myth. The kind that, were it real, would have most content writers out of a job in no time. A content writer myself, I can tell you that I know the feeling well--well enough to show you how to overcome it.

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Looking to gain better exposure and engagement? Try encouraging your audience to have a go at creating their own content!

Is Facebook sending all your information to your customers? Here's how to make sure they do.

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