How To Be a Better Blogger
Posted at 07th of Jul, 02:21

In today’s marketing world it is indispensable to generate constant content that is interesting and natural. However, in the world of blog reading and writing one thing remains true: Clarity trumps confusion.


A Blogger Makes A Blog


However, what makes a blogger? A blogger is a human and a sum of all the experiences that culminate in that existence. Simply, a blogger cannot only be a content writer as a professional, but must engage with her world view or his own experiences. Some may label this as passion, but nevertheless it points to the need for substance behind the content. If you are a blogger by profession, you know the days when writing feels forced and dry. However, when inspired by a subject that touches you or is relevant in your life, your content will profit from it greatly.


Channel Inspiration


Not all of us get to blog when we are inspired or about whatever we like. Blogging in today’s market is an indispensable job position. However, this can be a burden to inspiration and your creativity, which can usually be seen in the final written product. Thus, jot down ideas when you are inspired and constantly engage your experiences outside of the office with the content you must blog about. It is when we make connections to real life experiences to fairly pedantic or commercial content that we find deeper value in what we are writing about.


Blogger: A Persistent Little Worker


Being a blogger by profession may not mean that you received a degree in literature and are an exquisite writer. Bloggers are engaging in a conversation and that demands persistence, particularly if the blogging is being done to generate traffic towards a particular site. Thus, the profession does not demand an elevated level of writing or skill. Although grammatical rules should obviously be observed, do not be intimidated by this. There will always be people that will scoff at the use of the Oxford comma or a particular use of a word. Ultimately, what matters most is communicating what you need to say as clearly as possible.




Bloggers are engaging in a conversation and thus comments, or lack thereof, point to the way your content is being received. It does not mean the end of the world if an article did not receive any comments or was not shared, however use the opportunity to learn what your audience finds popular. Paying attention to the way your writing is being received will reveal popular posting times, voice, subject matter, etc. Thus being a better blogger meas persistenly seeking to communicate interesting and complex things as clearly as possible.

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