Kung Fu Tuesday: Google Panda Update is Coming Soon
Posted at 09th of Jun, 08:58

To paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare “Friends, Romans, countrymen, SEO specialists, lend me your ears...” Yes, fellow search engine optimizing Thespians of the digital marketing world, you’d better hold on to your keywords for this one! For those who are still in the dark about the events which are about to transpire on Google, iNexxus is here to provide insight and further enlightenment.


Well, according to our man on the inside, Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, Gary Illyes, the search engine’s famous Panda will be coming out with another refresh very soon. Kur-POW!

If you’re a bit more plain spoken folk, and you simply have your own website, here’s what this change means for you. The change is a data refresh, not an algorithmic change, like Google’s mobile upgrade, released on April 21st of this year. The Panda is one of the most important updates which happens twice a year. More specifically, it is designed to rate the site as a whole. This means evaluating everything from favicons to title and description harmony. If a firm has an About page on their website, Panda is designed to reward those pages which are accompanied by pictures and descriptions of the staff, since this establishes it as a legitimate business. In a word, quality content on all fronts is key. Thus, once the update is complete, all websites with duplicates, low quality or non-use content will suffer in rankings. At this point, some copy-pasters might look at Panda and say, “Et tu Brute?!” On the other hand, quality content rich websites will be rewarded with this refresh.


All in all, it would seem that Google Panda is really schooled in the ways of eastern philosophy...It makes SEO experts and content writers truthe with themselves. iNexxus will keep you updated as more information and effects become available about the Panda Refresh. Till then, Namaste.

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