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Widening an Audience

iNexxus conducted a unique marketing approach for F1FanZone, whereby promotion events were linked to a dynamic social media marketing campaign.


Formula One’s F1FanZone, provides promo events on behalf of Formula F1 Racing. Hosting events for both kids and adults that includ go-kart rides, virtual race simulations and autograph signings accompanied with live entertainment. F1FanZone promotes such events in the effort to garner a larger clientele to attend Formula One’s races.


F1FanZone sought out iNexxus’s services for their promotional event for the Formula One race in Abu Dhabi. Our client wanted their marketing campaign to go beyond the local populations and wanted to start utilizing social media marketing with the intent of reaching a wider online audience.

320 000

Visitors in 6 Days.

90 000

Peak Daily Attendance.

10 000+

Youtube Views and Video Marketing.


iNexxus conducted a full scale social media campaign and developed a video marketing strategy. Formulated with new and striking digital banners, along with consistently generating engaging content, iNexxus personalized social media hashtags, making the connection between those attending the event and their social media profiles.


The social media campaign was met with much success within six months Formula One's F1 social media presence increased in likes and funs, spreading its awareness by over 60%. A clear correlation was shown between F1FanZone’s online popularity and increased attendance at the actual Formula One race.


Increase of Social Media


Social Media Pictures
Shared in 3 Days.


More Audience Compared
to Past Years.


Increase in Web Traffic.


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