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Data Mining Mgmt.

We believe all digital decisions should always be informed by data.

Given that digital marketing and social media are relatively new phenomena, many online campaigns are based on guesswork. Frankly, that is a waste of time and money. We believe all digital decisions should always be informed by data.>

Data analytics is the most important skill to have in digital marketing today and moving forward. That means doing research, conducting studies and pouring over billions of bytes of information online. Fortunately, with the rapid ascent in mobile technology, social media and the Internet of Things, data is becoming increasingly available.

At iNexxus, we have the expertise, tools and technology to do a data deep dive on your and current and past marketing endeavours. We can review your results to monitor, analyze and make informed predictions for the future. If you are a new company or for whatever reason do not have a stockpile of information, we can access and aggregate relevant industry data and research.

We can even analyze your social media and public relations effort to view engagements and convert them into data. Why do we do all of this? Because data should inform digital strategy, which creates better campaigns.