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Digital Marketing

At iNexxus, we have established ourselves as digital marketing gurus by using data to inform strategy.

Even as a digital marketing agency, we know the term “digital marketing” has become over-used. Like every other Internet user, we are constantly bombarded with headlines like “Video is the hottest new digital marketing trend” or “Content marketing and digital marketing — the same thing?” It may seem hard to keep up.

This is also an industry where everybody claims to be a thought leader or maven or guru. How do you separate the pros from the posers?

By harnessing the power of data, we are able to accurately predict the behaviours of your target audience and use that information to strategize how to best connect with them. Too many agencies treat the tools of digital marketing like they’re trends.

Let’s make it simple: at iNexxus, we have established ourselves as digital marketing experts by using data to inform strategy. That thinking subsequently guides our online campaigns. These may include (but are not limited to):

  • Social media and community management

  • Public relations and influencer outreach

  • Viral marketing
  • Content and video marketing

  • Creative including copywriting and design

 Here’s the thing: trends are temporary and transactional. We believe digital marketing should be transformational. With data, that means doing the legwork to make sure all your hard work pays off.