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Media and PR

Publicity, PR and content marketing are cheap buzzwords. We use data and digital strategy to get you the kind of buzz that’s worth something.

There’s a reason why content marketing, public relations (PR) and influencers have become huge buzzwords in the past decade. As traditional media like print, television and radio have been pushed out by digital, how we connect with audiences and consumers has shifted. We know it because we were leading the charge.

iNexxus’ founders Raffi Keuhnelian and Anthony Katz were pioneers in social media and digital marketing. We were among the first to recognize the value of blogs, influencers, digital publicity and online public relations. Sure, media relations are still important, but in an age where everybody with a smartphone and a Twitter account can be a journalist, the term “media” is relative. We use a decade digital strategy and public relations experience to turn audiences into advocates and amplify awareness.  

Users are bombarded with advertising. When brands speak, it becomes part of the noise. When media, influencers and peers raise their voices, the message gets heard. Your message gets heard. It’s the power of third-party endorsement; their trust becomes your trust.

And we have the trust of media. We can use our connections to secure your placement in national and international outlets. iNexxus is more than hypepublicity — it is getting you heard.

Our digital public relations and media services include:

Developing stories and content

In the digital publicity mix, content is the foundation. Why? Because you control the message. We have a team of writers and PR pros who can craft the narrative, headlines and articles that tell the story you want told. We can use that content to position you and your brand in the media, and build the reputation in a positive and powerful way.

Positioning in the media

Whether that is arranging for you to host a TED Talk or be profiled by Rolling Stone, we will take the lead on turning transforming you into a thought leader. Through headlines, appearances, interviews in renowned and relevant publications, it’s about getting your name exactly where it needs to be in your industry.

Reputation and Online Presence Management

From crisis management to making sure your story is at the top of Google, your image is always spotless and in the spotlight. Getting your name online is easy. We make your brand mean something and keep it that way.

How do we know which media to work with? Or what story will do best? Or even what is the optimal time to post your content? Data.

Data is what makes iNexxus different. We use it to inform our digital publicity strategy for all industries, whether they be consumer products, services, tech or government. PR should be more than just sending press releases, pitch emails and writing blog posts. It is about gathering massive amounts of information about your targeting audience and creating a campaign that resonates and produces results.