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Product Launch

Our understanding of digital and data is what will make your product launch truly take off.

The first iPod was released in 2001. The design, portability and user-experience took it from gadget to must-have item. With a new generation of users who value fashion as much as function, and a cult-like following around its products, Apple has become the most profitable company on the planet. And it all started with that one product.

The world has changed a lot since 2001. Today, market penetration for a product launch requires an innovative, informed, intelligent online campaign. It’s more than just connecting with potential customers — it’s about products that matter. Whether they make people’s lives easier or the world a better place, it’s about transforming engagement into experiences and emotions with strategies that sell.Products have utility, marketing makes them ubiquitous.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, iNexxus’ team of creatives offers the sort attention-grabbing branding, design, social media management, and media and influencer relations (PR) to get you noticed.

What makes our product launches not only excellent but exceptional is how we use digital strategy and data to be disruptive. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an emerging startup or an established corporation, the competition has never been more aggressive for consumer attention. Much of that stems from the fact that everybody can digital now — whether it be building their own websites, social media or creating content.

Having worked with every industry spanning from software to shopping, lifestyle to liquor, travel to technology, we have turned our over-decade of experience into the expertise and engagement necessary to actualize your product’s potential.

iNexxus’ use of digital strategy and data for your product launch will be the disruptive difference. Your empire starts here.