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"iNexxus is a full-service digital marketing agency."

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, social media pioneers and compulsive early adopters Raffi Keuhnelian and Anthony Katz in 2008, iNexxus' expertise is at the intersection of data and strategic thinking. "Full-service: really means full service: from branding to buzz, design to development, PR to traditional four Ps marketing, we do it — and we have a record of doing it well.

What does that mean for you? Think of it like this: everybody has online content, campaigns and social media pages. That's a lot of competition for audience attention. We use over a decade's experience in digital strategy and data to predict consumer behaviour, inform decisions and deliver campaigns that connect.

“Anybody can do digital — we use data to be disruptive.”

We get by with a little help from our friends. Beyond our dedicated team of in-house experts, iNexxus has developed into an international network. Creativity should never be limited about geography; producing globally relevant work requires a global presence. Frankly, size does matter; it’s about focusing on the small details and thinking big for results that are nothing short of huge.

The companies we have worked with have been massive, too. Think: Ford Motor Company, SONY, Corona Beer and PlayStation, to name a few. Experience has many benefits and we have learned from our successes. We know what has worked in the past, and we are advancing the techniques of tomorrow to create the leading campaigns of today.


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